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DerekD em 04-08-2017 às 03:03:21

If you’re walking the trails or pursuing an active lifestyle this season, you can’t go wrong with anything from our collection of salomon schuhe outlet schweiz. Constructed with resilience in mind, these pieces of footwear have been scientifically engineered to ensure your feet are consistently comfortable to enhance your performance even over long periods. This line up also features offerings from other well-known brands, so whether you’re after Espadrilles or lo-tops, consider this your go-to selection for the ultimate shoe rack refresh.

Welcome to our Salomon section. salomon schuhe damen günstig are a well-respected French brand making a wide range of high quality, high performance clothing, footwear and accessories for running, hiking and skiing. We stock a great range of the best of Salomon’s technical kit, including the sought-after SLab ultra-running gear. Salomon footwear makes up a large part of our range - from ultra-light fell running shoes through to robust, hard-wearing and super comfortable winter walking boots. We also stock a wide range of rucksacks and running packs, all well-thought and well-designed pieces of kit. We’re very proud of our range- we carry many lines that are hard to find or are highly specialist. 

salomon schuhe herren sale produce one of the largest range of trail running shoes and it can be a bit confusing to make sense of the differences between all of the different models. The range can be split up into four categories: Sense, Speed, Wings and XA, each of which have specific characteristics.XA stands for “Cross Adventure” and was originally introduced as an adventure racing shoe where versatility and durability are the most important features. The XA Pro 3D has stood the test of time and has barely changed in design since it was introduced several years ago. Nowadays it is often seen as a bit heavy for a running shoe but is still a fantastic choice for anyone looking for one shoe to do a bit of everything with. The new XA Enduro is a refinement of the original XA concept; you still get a comfortable, sturdy midsole and a versatile outsole but with a lighter, more breathable upper and an integrated gaiter to handle more varied terrains.

In many ways the Wings range of salomon schuhe outlet günstig is quite similar to the XA range; both have the feel of “traditional” trail running shoes: well cushioned, on the heavier side and with a relatively high drop. A key difference is that the Wings range has a much more supportive midsole though not quite to the extent of offering “pronation control” which you see in a lot of road shoes. Particularly around the heel and arch which are stiffer and more shaped than other Salomon shoes. The Wings Flyte 2 are a budget model but still have many of the features of higher end shoes such as the Quicklace system and Contagrip outsole. The S-Lab Wings 8 are one of Salomon’s flagship shoes and feature all of their latest technologies: Endofit for a more secure fit around the midfoot, bonded overlays for lightweight support, Quicklace system and Premium Wet Traction Contagrip for better grip on wet rocks.

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